Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the West Stand changing?

West Ham United is committed to ensuring all supporters have the best possible matchday experience at London Stadium. Reconfiguring the Stadium is something supporters wanted us to explore. Following similar improvements to the Bobby Moore and Sir Trevor Brooking Stand lower tiers last year, the plan is for a new West Stand lower tier layout, with the stand being squared-off in line with a more traditional football stadium configuration.

The improvements will add 1,500 new seats to the West Stand lower tier, ensuring that more fans can get closer to the action and will see greater joining of the upper and lower tiers bringing supporters closer together and helping to further enhance the matchday experience.

What has been the process to get to this point?

The Club has been working with stadium management to review all areas of the new West Stand proposal, exploring all of the finer details, including looking at pricing structure, allocations, groupings for seat moves, personal communications to Season Ticket holders and processes for supporting their requirements.

As always, our priority must be to communicate personally with all of the supporters who are connected to these changes – namely West Stand Season Ticket holders. It is important that they hear the full details about any changes to their seating arrangements from the Club first.

The West Stand will be squared-off in line with a more traditional football stadium configuration as the next step in improving the overall supporter experience at London Stadium, something fans wanted and the Club has delivered, after naming the Billy Bonds Stand, reconfiguring the Bobby Moore and Sir Trevor Brooking Stands, and introducing more claret and blue last year.

A bespoke online portal for fans to be able to see the reconfigured stands alongside Computer Generated Images showing views from seats, so that they were fully informed ahead of Season Ticket renewals being announced for the 2022/23 season.

We want to reassure you West Stand Season Ticket holders that they are our main priority, and we want them to be happy with all the options available to them.

How will my view of the pitch change?

Each Season Ticket Holder who has been impacted will have received a letter, email and access to an online portal which show them on a seating plan how their individual seating position has changed.

There are also a selection of Computer-Generated Images showing views of the pitch from various section of the new stands.

My new seating position is not covered by the roof meaning it’s more affected by bad weather– is that something you’ve considered?

We are aware that by bringing the stands closer to the pitch, some seats are not covered by the roof line. If you would like to relocate, rest assured you will be given priority to allow you to do this.

My seat appears to have moved further back – why is that?

The proposals will change the shape of the stand, so not every seating position will remain entirely like-for-like. However, the Club has made every effort to map Season Ticket Holders’ seats across to the new reformatted stand so that their view is the closest equivalent viewing experience.

If you would like to relocate, rest assured you will be given priority to allow you to do this.

Why is the seat number of my new seating position completely different to my existing one?

The new stands have a completely new seat number and block number system, so you cannot correlate your existing seat number with this new seating plan.

The Club has made every effort to keep families together by cross referencing each seat with the address of the Season Ticket holder.

If any supporter feels that they have not been grouped together their family as a result of this process, we would ask that they contacted the Club at their earliest convenience on 0333 030 1966, option 1.